The company has established a large team of experienced engineers that are well trained in analyzing and designing complex three- dimensional structures. The team caters to the specific needs of our clients through the use of software tools such as AutoCad, BOCAD, Tekla, STAAD, and NISA as well as from a well-developed set of in- house tools. They play an important role in value-engineering that is achieved through the design optimization and standardization of components in 'Design and Build' projects. 

Features of Value Engineering

Design management and co-ordination for specialty buildings and structure construction management on cost plus basis for building projects. 
Project management services: encompassing site selection, schematics and fast-track design, construction and commissioning.
Planning and control of design and construction activities, costs and time schedules. 

Quality and safety management. 

Design optimization, industrial engineering, process planning and resource management techniques.

Sophisticated information systems.

Simple onsite techniques.

The Research & Development team is engaged in product and software development. We have developed software for streamlining work in the areas of design, detailing and manufacturing. The programs also interface with other analysis packages, CAD/CAM machines and robotic systems. Geodesic is one of the first Indian companies to use a robot in site based construction. We are currently at the forefront of pre-fabrication and industrialized construction practices. We have a large network of partners and vendors in several trades dedicated to fast track delivery. Our vendor development team gears up specialized vendors having modern machinery and technology to deliver critical components. Along with our partners network we offer specialist services and products, including forgings, die castings, water jet/laser plasma cutting, CNC machining, drilling, bending, pressing, spray/hot dip galvanizing etc. Geodesic uses a plant intensive approach for crucial activities requiring precision and speed with a special focus on safety.  Geodesic uses specialist services including forgings, die casting, water jet cutting, CNC machine drilling, bending, pressing, spray/hot dip galvanizing etc. Construction engineering begins at the design office and all projects are planned from the office and executed in a professional environment.